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Jesus, Jesus I shall cast you down
nail you to the cross, deprive you your crown.
I shall make you bleed, in the end you'll plead
your childrens infested with my darkest seed

Crawl to him, crawl to your father
your children are lost, they sin much rather
your powers are just but a flickering candle,
extinction is near, I shall with pleasure it handle.

Ave Satan...

Weep for your breedings, lost they are...
Shrouded in darkness from the light so far...
Mourn for your children, mine they are.
Extinction will come like the fall of a star...

Ave Satan...

Your children are serving my altar with blood
I spit upon your pity self, as you crawl into the mud
look upon your kingdom now, withered like a dream
your servants blood is floating in the widest stream.

Ave Satan...



This is the path of the strong
marked with glory and grace for long.
I have heard my destiny's voice,
and heard my master's call, I will not fall...

This is the path of the strong
the road I was set to wander in
with glory in sight and pleasure to sin,
I've wandered here for long

Branded with the Devil's mark,
We know it's the sign of the dark.

Towards the end I carry on
and with pride I march ahead.
Knowing my destiny has been inbred,
knowing in fact that I've already won.

The star I beseech leads me through.
I know I`m among the chosen few.
And with pride I march ahead
knowing my destiny has been inbred.


"And I looked and beheld a pale horse:
And his name that sat on him was Azerate,
and Hell followed with him.
And power was given unto him over the earth
to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death,
and with the beasts of the earth...
...with the beasts of the earth...
...with the beasts of the earth!"


Radiation, deformation
Nuclear world damnation.
Mushroom clouds rise with grace
Atomic winter here to stay.
Blast from hell burns the world
Storms of death, kill with hate
Demons attack with hunger
Satanic warfare by nuclear thunder.

Death eruption, caustic weather
Black snow falling, hell is calling
Nuclear holocaust, crimson sky
Beloved paradise, here at last

It's the Atomic Age


Life is but a flower
which wrinkles with devour
I do not trust in lustful joys,
death do prove them, all but toys.

I am a servant, I am a slave,
death reaps life, my soul it save`s
this life of lies is not for me
beauty waits in death to see

I am the one that blessed has been
the truth beyond this life I've seen.
Almighty father take my life,
father Satan take me home

I am of Satans Beauty spawn
I shall not live to face the dawn.
The time has come, the day is near
"gods" creations will be there...

Father of heaven weak he is,
sought to drain my life that is.
Now he fears what I become,
he's minions dead, my work is done.

The death of your servants is my solution,
Azerate takes me, I will be free...
Death is all I care to be...