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After receiving the prison sentence, Jon was in November 1998, after eleven months in Gothenburg custody, transferred to the maximum-security prison in Kumla, where all Swedish prisoners with a sentence above four years end up before it is decided where the prisoner eventually should be placed. Therefore, Jon was later transferred to the prison in Tidaholm, which was the closest high-security prison to Gothenburg.

In Tidaholm he did his time on the heavy, maximum-security L-block for long timers only. Tidaholm being by far one of the toughest prison environments in Sweden were several murders and killings have taken place over the years. Here, Jon worked in the prison industry during the days, spending the nights reading books and practicing on his acoustic guitar. This was to become the daily routine for quite some time. Eventually, Jon got the possibility to go to school inside the prison during the day instead of the brainless monotonous work in the "mines". However, the most significant studying took place in the evenings and during the nights, after lock-down in his cell, where he would seriously study the vast spheres of the dark sides of mythological, philosophical and esoteric tradition.

Keeping the Fire Burning

The flame of DISSECTION was burning still, and strongly so, and every day Jon was reminded of his unfinished work. Not least by the amounts of support mail from the fans, but also by the media (both mainstream and underground) making desperate attempts for making interviews. All in vain however, since Jon consistently was turning down and ignoring every offer for publicity. He figured that there was no reason for giving interviews yet and that the time was not right. He had to do his time, everybody knew that anyway, and nothing would officially happen with DISSECTION for a couple of years.

Instead, he would focus on that which no matter what could be done, namely the music. Slowly new material started to manifest. Already existing raw material was being refined and worked out into songs. The light could be seen, but still far away, at the end of the tunnel. There where yet many years left of the sentence. Songs were arranged and re-arranged, and over the course of time, old and new material would mature and evolve into eleven songs. Eleven songs intended and destined for the future recording of the third DISSECTION studio album.

During the years in prison, Jon kept in touch with his old friend Bård "Faust" Eithun, who was doing time behind Norwegian bars since 1993. Faust used to be the drummer in Emperor, one of the leading acts out of the Norwegian Black Metal scene at the time, strongly connected to the Black Circle. It was during these years back in the beginning of the nineties that Faust and Jon came to know each other. This resulted in Faust joining the force and entering the dark path of DISSECTION. This co-operation did however not last long due to differences regarding the Satanic concept of the band.

Live Legacy

Now the circle was broken, and freedom just around the corner. 2003, on February the 17th, "Live Legacy", recorded at their massive show at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany back in 1997, finally hit the stores after being postponed for almost six years (this show yet having surfaced as a bootleg with poor sound quality). However, with "Live Legacy" finally released, this show was now available with a killer sound and package and its immediate and gigantic response creating a massive surge all over the globe, confirming an even bigger pressure and demand for a new DISSECTION release than expected after so many years.

The Rebirth

Released from prison on September 6, 2004, Jon had during the past year already recruited a completely new line-up. First to join the ranks was ex-DARK FUNERAL drummer Tomas Asklund, followed shortly by bass player Brice Leclerq (ex-NIGHTRAGE). After auditioning guitarists in the summer of 2004, ex-ABORYM member Set Teitan finally enters to complete the new line-up.

Now stronger than ever and ready for total take-over the freshly reborn legend took its first burning breath on their opening Rebirth of Dissection concert in Stockholm, Sweden on October 30, 2004, special-guested by Deathstars. After the concert being sold out twice and each time moved to a bigger venue DISSECTION played an almost two hour set of their classics, newly arranged, in front of an international audience (people coming from USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Japan and from all over Europe) crowding the Stockholm Arena. The show was filmed with seven cameras for an upcoming DVD release.

Maha Kali

Among the well known live material from the early days there was one song that peaked out. 'Maha Kali' saw its daylight in all its heavy darkness during the above mentioned event that would mark the beginning of a new era in DISSECTION's history. Being the first DISSECTION song presented since 1995, "Maha Kali" was the title of the brand new single, released the 24th of November 2004.

'Maha Kali', a hymn to the wrathful Indian mother-goddess of disillusion, was mainly recorded inside prison on extremely limited equipment and split the minds of the fans with its anti-production. Still entering the singles charts in Sweden, the "Maha Kali" release was but a gift from DISSECTION to the faithful fans that had been waiting impatiently throughout all the years to hear something new.

Rebirth of Dissection Tour

Embarking on a vast European march of triumph, supported by Swedish Black Metallers Watain, the Rebirth of Dissection European Tour 2004 turns out a huge success. Returning to the fans after a seven year long break proved to be the release of a higher tension than ever imagined, both from the fans and from the band. With additional dates in Mexico in 2005, DISSECTION for the first time took the step over to Central America. Conquering way over 20 countries, with over 40 shows, the reaper's scythe swept over Sweden, France, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Norway and finally Mexico. The Rebirth of Dissection Tour revealing a ravaging beast that broke its chains for Armageddon!

The Album 2005

DISSECTION have on the 2nd of February initiated the recording of their long-awaited third album, their first studio album since 1995´s classic album "Storm of the Light's Bane". The recording is taking place in Black Syndicate Studios, Stockholm, Sweden, with Jon's brother Emil Nödtveidt (aka Nightmare Industries) and Skinny Kangur behind the wheels. Eleven songs are being recorded for the album and the recording is regarded by the band as a work of Sonic Black Magic, actively channelling the Anti-cosmic current 218.

DISSECTION are currently in negotiations with several labels for the upcoming release but the recordings are being completely financed by the band itself independent of any record company.

Summer Festivals 2005

Having returned from their successful Rebirth of Dissection Tour and a massive headline appearance at Inferno Metal Festival, Oslo, Norway, March 26, as well as making an over seas raid to Mexico, DISSECTION are now preparing for an intense set of summer festivals including a special reappearance at the Wacken Open Air, August 6 (the 218th day of the year).

Fear the Return

Having once again proved their impact on the worldwide Metal scene, DISSECTION still holds the status as one of the best selling extreme metal acts ever, with a large and loyal following that has been constantly growing and keeping the flame of DISSECTION burning in the scene throughout the years.

Even though DISSECTION back in 1997 drastically was forced into a long-term interruption, at a very important stage in their career when they were just about to break through on the major scale, their music lived on and still keeps on attracting new hordes of fans. Their recordings and shows being bootlegged in multitude and all their releases held as jewels by the fans, constantly selling in high numbers.

So, once and for all, let the cry of war be heard! DISSECTION is back! Reborn, hungrier and stronger than ever, they are heading for limitless becoming and relentless victory! You have seen nothing yet!

End of Part Two.

(Biography written by Andrea Biagi)

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